Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Need to Get the Arbonne Products to Be in the Program?

Yes. The program was designed by Arbonne to take advantage of the proven Arbonne nutritional products that complement and supplement the clean, healthy eating regimen.

The food that we eat in a typical day, even following a great plan, can’t provide ALL the nutrition—including the vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis in the proportion we need. The products you’ll get with this program provide these, plus additional healthy items to help you get through the day easier and stick with the plan.


What About Exercise?

This is not a workout program. The fallacy that most people believe is that you need to sweat off the pounds. The fact is that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet to get healthy and lose weight.

With that said, of course regular exercise should be a part of any healthy person’s routine. Your present level of fitness should determine where you begin. Research widely shows that a combination of aerobic and resistance training provides optimal results.

As for frequency, length, and intensity, a general standard is 30-40 minutes of activity, three-to-four times weekly.

Common sense and experience says that when you combine an exercise regimen with the Healthy Living program, your results will be enhanced accordingly.


Are there any guarantees?

The guarantee is that you will get out of it, what you put into it. Just like anything in life. Thousands of others have gotten amazing results with the program. Unless you are an alien with some type of different body composition, there’s no reason you won’t show results commensurate with your adherence to the program.

And oh, the Arbonne products are satisfaction-guaranteed. If after 45 days you feel they didn’t live up to your expectations, your money will be refunded, no questions asked. You risk nothing here. Except your health if you do nothing.


In What Countries is this Available?

Arbonne is presently in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and one of my favorites of course, Poland.


Are You Affiliated with Arbonne?

Technically, yes. To buy products from Arbonne, we need to register. At the lowest level, Preferred Client, it’s $20 a year (kind of like joining Costco), and that gives you a 20% discount on all of your purchases (unlike Costco).  And if you buy $600 in a year (retail price, with your discount it would be just $480), which is pretty easy to do, your renewal is free. For this 30 Days to Healthy Living, this Preferred Client level is included with your order.

The more attractive option is what I did. Five years ago, I joined at the Independent Consultant level for $79, because I did the math. This level provides a 35% discount on all orders—pretty cool—PLUS for every $250 I spend, I can get another $125 worth of products for just $25. By my math, that’s a pretty hefty savings.  I not only use the products in this Healthy Living program, but a lot more, including the vitamins, Complete Hydration (Gatorade alternative, without the sugar)shampoo, skincare, soap.  So, I spend anywhere from $200-$500 per month and my savings per year are substantial. Oh, when you renew each year it’s only $30. (If you’d like to start out and register at this level now, just include a note with your form.)

Arbonne is a direct sales company, also known as Network Marketing. Which is pretty much the perfect business model.  Although I have recommended the products to hundreds of people over the years, I’m kicking myself because I never signed up customers under my Independent Consultant account. That was dumb.  Now that I am including the third side of the Sales Professional Success Triangle, Health, to my business focus, I am also adding Arbonne to my multiple revenue streams.

As I mentioned, it is the perfect business model, for the seller and buyer.  Arbonne sells amazing products that work, people love them, and they buy them over and over. Now, with other consumer products, there is a manufacturer, a distributor, sometimes a broker, and a retailer. EVERYONE in the chain takes their cut. Plus, manufacturers spend a huge amount on advertising, which of course is ultimately passed on to us, the consumers. Very little of the price of a product you get at the store is in the product itself. That’s why so much of it is crap. They can’t afford to put it in the product itself, right? Consumers wouldn’t be able to afford it.

With a direct sales company like Arbonne, you buy directly from the manufacturer. There are not layers of middlemen. The sales channel is compensated nicely, and there is no advertising cost. This means the company is able to put more into the R&D and QUALITY product ingredients, putting out a much better product than you get for a similar price at the store, after everyone else has taken their cut.

(If you are interested in learning more about the business opportunities, I plan on building an organization of motivated individuals—regardless of their sales experience or expertise level because I can train that– who are looking for part-time, or full time income that is also residual. I’m in the early early stages of this, but I can say that I will be working personally with my team to help them succeed immensely. If you have interest in getting in on the ground floor with me, please let me know.