Book Recommendation: See How this Former Sales Pro Turned His Health Around

About 10 years ago I did a couple of sales training workshops for Quickstart Intelligence, an IT training company in Orange County, CA. While scrolling through my LinkedIn contacts I came across a sales pro who was in that training, and has now taken a new direction. He has transformed his health—for the better—and now is helping people in another, more important way: with their own health and wellness.

Bradley Fischl had put in over 30 years as a successful sales and customer service IT pro. He also had put in over 30 years of smoking, and at one point was 100 pounds overweight, and diagnosed with diabetes. Through lifestyle changes, he lost those 100 pounds, quit smoking, and got his diabetes under control. And now, his mission in life is helping others get healthy as well.

One way he’s doing that is with his great book, “PUSHING DOUBLE NICKELS: FIFTY THINGS I’VE LEARNED IN FIFTY YEARS.” In this easy-to-read book, Brad shares his story of how he overcame his health issues, and how anyone can do the same. He also gives lots of useful life tips on a variety of topics, from sales, to personal relationships, parenting, handling rejection, and more.

Regardless of where you are in life, you’ll find interest in this book. And you’ll also likely think of a few people you’ll want to give a copy to as well.


(Do you have a story of how you struggled with your health and made the commitment to change? Please contact me. You could be the inspiration to help someone save their own life.

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