See Kirsten’s Entire 30 Days to Healthy Living Journey

Kirsten Womack is a health and fitness professional, a blogger on health and nutrition, and a partner on the Move with Mack virtual fitness program and organization.

But a couple of months ago, she finally reached the point of needing to make a change. Even though she felt she was eating right, and was working out like crazy, things just weren’t right.

Kirsten decided to make those changes, and followed the 30 Days to Healthy Living. And, she totally put herself out there as she shot videos of most of the days of her path back to health, as well as putting up blog posts.

There is a happy conclusion to the story. I encourage you to follow along with her on her blog.  Do start with her first post on April 4, and then you’ll want to navigate to the index page to go through the posts in order to really follow in order.

Kirsten is so inspiring and relatable. And we are thrilled to have her and Mack on our team!

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