How to Avoid the Caffeine Crash

Ahh, that sweet, intoxicating smell of freshly brewed coffee.

And the energizing buzz it gives you as you tackle the day, and your calls.

So if one cup is good, two, three… four or more are better, right?

Which then brings the inevitable crash. Your eyelids feeling as heavy as sandbags as you look at your screen. Your head bobs a few times.

Not good.

Well then, what can we do to combat, or even avoid that caffeine “hangover” and crash?  Here’s some good info from a site that specializes in caffeine.  (Who would have thought there was such a thing??)

And, if you’d really like a natural, healthy alternative to caffeine in the first place, something that gives you calm energy, and vitamins, without the crash, check out what I use every afternoon and see how you can get a free sample.

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