What You Eat Affects Your Ability to Sell

Food is fuel.

But unlike filling up your car with gas, where we pretty much expect that whatever brand we put in will cause the car to operate at peak efficiency, the type of food you eat will either help you perform at peak levels, or drag you down.

We’ve all had those days where we hit a wall, the mojo isn’t there, we’re just dragging ass through our calls. It likely can be traced to what was eaten (and not eaten).  And of course, someone’s overall health and fitness plays a huge role as well.

Here is a great article from the Harvard Business Review, “What You Eat Affects Your Productivity.” There are some eye-opening facts, to-do’s, and what-not-to-do’s to help optimize your performance based on what you eat.

(If you want to make a change in your overall health, and finally feel better, get that energy back, look better, and drop those inches and pounds, watch the informational webinar on the 30 Days to Healthy Living program with Dr. Tanda Cook. I did the program and lost 12 pounds in January, and another four this past month. )

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