10 Tips to Improve Your Health While at Work

March 3, 2017

Sitting at your desk all day banging out calls can be grueling.

No, I’m not talking about what you encounter when selling. I’m referring to the toll it can take on your body, joints, muscles… and certainly your inside if you succumb to the sugary and processed non-food items that are typically in every office.

Here’s a great post from WebMD with 10 tips that can help you get and stay healthy while at the office. Enjoy!

Art Sobczak

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Art Sobczak

For over 33 years Art has helped sales pros worldwide with the what-to-say messaging, and inspiration to succeed in sales. Now he is adding the third essential side of the Sales Professional Success Triangle to the mix: health. Sign up to get his regular health posts here, and his sales tips at http://SmartCalling.com.

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