“Health” Foods that are Actually Junk Food

February 16, 2017

Just like success in sales needs to have a foundation based on a good attitude, getting and staying healthy requires education and knowledge.

Unfortunately most people are grossly uninformed, and misinformed about nutrition, food, and things masquerading as food. That’s because most people’s health and nutrition information comes from TV commercials, and the seductive (and deceptive) packaging used by food companies.

For example, take a little quiz here. Which of these health foods are typically not healthy at all:

A. Trail Mix

B. Granola

C. Artichoke spinach dip

D. Dried fruit

E. Flavored fat-free yogurt

F. Low-fat muffins

G. Chicken wraps

H. Fruit cocktail

I. Veggie chips

Ok, so how many did you guess?

How about ALL of the above?

Yes, these are just some of the food many people think are healthy–or their manufacturers try to deceive you into thinking are healthy.

How many are in your office or home fridge or pantry right now?

It’s not that tough to eat healthily. But that requires knowing what to eat, and avoid.

This list is just a few from Shape.com’s “50 Seemingly Healthy Foods that are Bad for You.” It’s a great post. Check it out. Switch these things out with real food and you’ll notice the difference in the way you feel, look, and perform every day.

Art Sobczak

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