Days 26 and 27: Staying Healthy on the Road

Although many of my readers and followers are inside sales pros and don’t have to spend a lot of time away from home, I know some of you are road warriors. I used to be. I estimate I have spent about the equivalent of three entire years of nights in hotel rooms. Yes, I’ve done a lot of training programs over the years.

With that said, I’m proud to say I always coached my kids’ sports teams when they were growing up, I rarely if ever missed an event, and I had a policy that I only would be gone a set number of days per month, and I turned down business when I booked those days.

Today, I’ve structured my business where I’m doing a lot more virtually at my headquarters, I’ve automated a lot of things, and not traveling as much. (Of course, “much” is relative.) Typically in January I’d be out doing six or seven national sales meetings. This month I did a few virtually, and just went out for the first time this past weekend. To northern Minnesota. Which of course is a great place to visit at the end of January, leaving Scottsdale, Arizona to do so.

Actually, it was great. The weather cooperated. And the sales stars from the banking group who earned their invitation to their prestigious event were awesome.

Ok, so how about sticking with the program on the road.

Not that tough. It does require some planning, work, and discipline.

The planning part is bringing things with you so you don’t have to rely on the crap in airports, and the other limited choices en route, and perhaps at your destination. (Before buying that snack or drink that you believe is healthy, just look at how much sugar is in it. Four grams is roughly equal to one teaspoon.)

This trip was relatively short, so I didn’t have to bring as much. On longer trips… several days to a week, I’ll pack protein powder, fiber, and my Magic Bullet blender, and then find a grocery store to get almond milk and fruit for shakes.  Pretty much every hotel has a refrigerator so this all works nicely. For this one I brought some fruit and nutrition bars.

I attended the group’s Friday night dinner. They had a buffet, which included lots of things that looked good (fried chicken, burritos, french fries), but pretty much were loaded with bad fat and processed items. I loaded up on salad, and fajita meat and veggies (no tortilla).

They also had a breakfast buffet, again with a mix of choices, most of which are not on the program. I had scrambled eggs and fruit.

After my keynote to the group–which went great… super group of sales pros–I had a two hour mid-morning drive back to Minneapolis for my flight. I was starved. So, I stopped at a Burger King on the interstate. Yes, BK. But, no Whopper for me, which took discipline, given that char-broiled aroma that was wafting into my window at the drive-through. I got the grilled chicken sandwich, and did not eat the bun.

So, overall, I pretty much stuck to the program. Again, it’s not that tough to eat healthy wherever you are, IF you want to, and can plan accordingly.

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