Day 22: Results After Three Weeks

It seems like I just started this. Really. I already know that my goals for the 30 days were a bit ambitious. The great thing is that I’m already looking forward to the next 30 days since my eye is on the goal, and this is pretty easy once it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Ok, the results after Week Three:

Weight: down two more pounds. 10 total. I’m really going to have to do something drastic to drop 10 more in a week. Nah, that wouldn’t be healthy. Surgery maybe. No.

Inches: Now I know there is something wrong with the tape measure. I was down just another half inch around the middle for five total. But it feels like so much more. And, I think it looks like it too. And I’m not afraid to pull on the pants that were out of the question last month. Next month they will be loose. Looking forward to that.

Energy, Focus and Clarity, Aches and Pains: again, some ole, same ole here. I’ve taken on what amounts to almost an entire new business, and I’m finding I am actually getting more done. The energy, focus, and clarity all translate into productive action. And with the ramped-up weight training, I’m finding I’m more flexible, more firmed and toned, and the minor creakiness in the joints is pretty much gone.

And all of this is what is on the outside. I’m really looking forward to getting my next blood work done (wow, did I just write that?) so I can see what is really important, and that’s the new healthy on the inside. I’m shooting for the end of next month for those so I can really get some awesome numbers.

If you have been following me on this, or if you just stumbled upon it and feel that you should make some changes to feel better, look better, and get your internal health in order, why are you waiting? It won’t get better without action. Thinking about it, planning on it, one-of-these-daysing it will not help. It will just make it easier to give in to the feeling of hopelessness. And just because you might not have something seriously wrong with you medically right now–even though you are overweight–doesn’t mean that you don’t have horrible things brewing inside of you right now. A time bomb is very still before it explodes.

This 30-Day program is life-changing. Watch my initial videos. Watch the webinar we did with a doctorGet started here.

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