Day 20: Doesn’t Look Like “Diet” Food, Does It?

Many people associate getting healthy and losing weight with starving themselves (counterproductive), and eating tasteless, unappealing food (yuck). As this program proves, eating clean, healthy, nutritious, and delicious food should be an every-meal-and-snack occurrence.

For example, check out the photo of today’s breakfast. Eggs Benedict. With homemade Hollandaise. Everything natural and organic.

Here are the ingredients:

-organic turkey bacon from Costco

-Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain English Muffins (Whole Foods)

-Organic eggs poached, and used in the sauce (Albertson’s)

– Kerry Gold butter for the sauce (Albertson’s)

– Organic lemons for the sauce (forgot which store I got them at)

This isn’t something we would eat every day, but it certainly allowable, and good for you.

More recipes coming!

Art Sobczak

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