Day 18: Sticking With It When You Hit a Slump

Time is flying. And I wish I had more exciting things to share with you on this journey. I’m sure it would be a lot more interesting to read if I was struggling every day, having unbelievable cravings, or went out and binged on a large fries at Five Guys (1474 calories and 71 gram of fat for those keeping score at home).

But, I’m not. As mentioned previously, this program is really pretty routine once you’re into it. Granted, I didn’t have a lot of the typical unhealthy eating habits, and my home is relatively free of crappy junk and temptations. And that really is the goal of the program: to get people in a healthy lifestyle routine.

With all of that said, the unrealistic-expectation side of me thought I would be down 12-14 pounds and even more inches than I am. I am doing well, the logical side of my brain tells me. However, I can see how others could get a bit impatient, maybe discouraged, or give in to temptation by this point if they are not seeing massive results. What they don’t see is what’s on the inside.

Here’s a post from the actual 30-Day Facebook private group from one of our coaches on how to deal with that.

Your Weight Does Not Always Reflect Your True Health

By Pamela Black, CHHC

I understand so many of you are seeing unbelievable results and you’re really on track where you want to be at this stage in the game. Others, on the other hand, may still not be SEEING what you hoped for on the scale….so I need you to know that you are more (FAR MORE) than a number on a scale.

Just like “age is only a number”…same is true of your weight. Just because you don’t SEE proof by the way of numbers, don’t think for one minute you aren’t CHANGING your health from the inside out. Don’t for a second, think, “well the scale hasn’t budged, so clean eating must not work for me…I’ll just go back to my diet coke & fast food.”

EVERY CELL in your body is being turned over right now…creating a NEW YOU!! Fatigue, excess weight, sickness, illness, inflammation, depression, addictions …NONE of those happened overnight (or in 30 days)…but over weeks, months, years, even decades.

So DO NOT GIVE UP!! WHAT YOU ARE DOING MATTERS. Just remember that the process to HEALTH will also take weeks, months, or years to create healthy habits. Instead of thinking today about where you AREN’T (yet), I want to hear about how far you’ve (already) come! What are you experiencing on a positive note?

When I find myself having a pity party that lasts more than a day, I whip out my “Grateful Journal” and jot down 10 things I’m grateful for. It really works! Today, I want each of you to take just a quick moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for during this 30-day journey.

We would love to hear how all of you are doing so please share with us! And, if any of you are having any obstacles, let us help you:)

(Pamela Black is a Certified Holistic Health coach and helps her clients establish a lifetime of healthy balance.  She specializes in body fat reduction, holistic nutrition,  increasing metabolism, preventive health, and overall wellness. To learn how Pamela might be able to help you, check out her health coaching programs,  or, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with her to discuss your unique situation.)

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