Day 13: I Cheated, But It’s Ok

Yep. I cheated today.

Well, cheated probably is too harsh of a word. I had wine.

We had friends over for dinner. They brought wine. And my health coach said it was OK if we had just one glass. I’d like to blame her, but of course I was very agreeable to the idea.

And know what? It was OK. One glass was fine. It was excellent, by the way. A nice zin, which paired nicely with the  short ribs from Whole Foods I had prepared 48-hour sous vide.

At first I was bummed that I wasn’t going to go the entire 30-days without alcohol. But, I’m human. It did not disrupt my adherence to the program. And it did not cause me to drink the entire bottle, bust out a sixer of Bud Light, or say WTF and go buy a pound-bag of peanut M&M’s.  And of course I can argue the health benefits of red wine.

This 30-day program is a lifestyle program. The administrators even admit that if someone follows it at the 80% level they will be successful. I’m at about 99.5%.

There. Got that off my chest. On to more healthy living.

Art Sobczak

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