Day 12: Healthy Hacks

I believe that is the first time I’ve ever written “hack” other than talking about coughing. I guess I gave in to the trend whereby tips and best practices are now hacks. Ok, I’m rambling… not a good way to start a post. Let’s get into it.

When you get into a healthy routine, you make changes. And we’re all looking for easy, cook, time savings, and things that work. Here are things I’ve been doing on this journey–OK, some I did before–that you might be able to use as well.

  • When chopping a bunch of veggies for a salad, or dinner, so some extra and have them ready-made for scrambled eggs or an omelette in the morning.
  • My evening cocktail is soda water, half a packet of the Arbonne pomegranate Fizz stick, ice, and some squeezed lemon. Refreshing!
  • White mashed sweet potatoes taste better to me than actual potatoes. They look like regular potatoes, have the same texture, and the slight sweetness makes regular mashed seem bland. I melt in Kerry Gold butter (yes, that butter is great for us), roasted garlic or garlic powder, and salt and pepper.
  • Sweet tooth? Dark chocolate rocks. It’s almost like a superfood. Check out 7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate.  If you’re used to milk chocolate, which is basically all sugar, you might have to ease into it, working your way up into the highest cacao content. That’s what I did. Now, 86% tastes good and I look forward to that treat after dinner. Oh, like everything, moderation is the key. One, one-inch square should do it. No eating the entire bar in a sitting!
  • For people hooked on bread and white flour products (yes, that includes wheat bread), there is a passable alternative: Ezekiel 4:9 bread. This is made from sprouted grains, not white flour. (If you’re not familiar with how wheat is, check out this article.) You’ll find it in the freezer section of the grocery. It is a bit dryer than regular bread, but a little butter makes the toast in the morning very good.  And they have different forms. I found their hot dogs buns and had a grilled organic italian chicken sausage with roasted peppers and onions and thought I was at a tailgate! I have their pitas in the freezer that I’m going to have with tuna salad for lunch tomorrow, and I’m looking for their tortillas which I hear are awesome.
  • This isn’t a big secret, for protein smoothies/shakes I keep a container of frozen organic bananas, cherries, and blueberries in the freezer. It’s easy to just pull out the “fruit tub” when making the smoothie and experimenting with different mixtures.
  • Save time, cook food better than you’ve had in restaurants, and impress your friends with your new-found cooking expertise: get a sous-vide cooker. It’s basically cooking food in bag, immersed in a water bath, heated to a precise temp by the sous vide device that heats and circulates the water. Because the food is sealed, it doesn’t lose moisture. Because you set the exact temp, you don’t dry it out. Even the most inept cook can make amazing like-butter texture chicken breasts, which most people tend to dry out because of their leanness.  It’s amazing with cheaper, tougher cuts of meat. I did a grass-fed chuck roast for 48 hours (yes, 48) and it came out like prime rib. I’ve had mine for about three years and use it often. I’ve got the older version of this Anova, but probably will upgrade. Not sure why, other than to have a newer toy. ;)]

I promised I’ll put up some video… hopefully I can get to that late next week. Talk to you again soon!

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