Day 10: What Others are Experiencing

I shared with you my results and experience after the first week. Now several days into the second week and I must admit, this is getting routine. Seriously. I’ve always taught (or repeated actually–I didn’t come up with it) that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. This really doesn’t. Once you know what TO do, the plug-and-play is relatively easy. And the Facebook group is tremendous for that, providing education, recipes, what to do and avoid, inspiration. And of course, success stories.

Take a look at what others wrote after their first week:

  • “I have noticed quite a few changes already! First of all, I am down 5 lbs! Woot woot! And my husband has noticed, shocker there!! LOL!! Second, I get a facial once a month so I went on Saturday and the Esthetician said wow, your face is so clear I don’t have to do any extraction this time!! Yay!! Lastly and most importantly…. I suffer with psoriasis on my scalp. I have had a really bad out break of it since moving to CA from GA a year and a half ago. Last night before going to bed and doing my nightly beauty routine, I realized I have not used my prescription medication at all in the last week!! Is it the gluten, dairy, less caffeine, other chemicals I have illuminated? Whatever it is it is working!! I’m loving this challenge and the Arbonne products!!” -Doris


  • “So we got a little bit of a late start because our products arrived late week. However, I had some tea left over, so we were drinking that and I was using a previous order of my fizz sticks during the day with green apples and almond butter. Last night, I was trying on a pair of work pants and they were loose!!! It was a great feeling. We are about a week behind, but have been cooking the meals and been eating healthy. Looking forward to our first full week with product and we will cleanse the week of 1/23. FYI- made the Chicken & Quinoa Power Bowl last night and one of ours kids said, ‘Wow, this is so good!” He’s 10.” -Carrie


  • “As I think about what to eat today and to prepare for my family, I have a deep sense of thankfulness for this 30 Day plan that has changed my family’s life! My frig is full of healthy foods (not all 30 day friendly but healthy for my teenagers) and the brown rice is filling the house with a wonderful aroma.” -Shanna


  • “I feel pretty amazing! I think what I notice most is the lack of “heaviness “‘in my belly. I feel light and good! Ready for week #2!” -Jaime


  • “I am off chocolate and chips, and doing okay which is a miracle for me, haha. Been tempted only once or twice but didnt give in. That is HUGE for me. So, i dont feel bloated anymore and, yet again, realize i can feel good!!” -Patricia


  • “I lost 3 lbs, have more energy and sleep better! I love the recipes/shopping list, the nutrition education really helps and expands on what I formerly bought. I didn’t think I would embrace the purer food, but I do! And eating healthy really is not more expensive, in my opinion.” -Ann


  • “I feel great after week one! I have been sleeping better, getting up easier in the morning, going to the bathroom easier 😳, and experiencing lasting energy throughout the day. No pounds or inches lost, but less bloated and irritable🤗.” -Aric and Tania Bowen


After reading an educational article posted in the Facebook group about not eating food that contains wheat:

  •  “WOW!!! This explains all the issues I was having and why I feel so much better. I’m sold!!” -Patti


  • “No coffee was easier than I thought. It’s good to have some recipes to help plan.” -Becky 

There are a couple hundred people in this group, and another starts next week. Why not join them, and experience these results too? It’s not too late to start, and begin the path toward getting healthy instead of continuing the one you’re on.



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