Results and Observations After the First Week

Observations and results after the first week into the 30-Days to Healthy Living:

We’re only supposed to weigh and measure once a week, which makes sense. The scale can actually be a demotivator if someone doesn’t see quick results. Plus, it’s not always an accurate indicator of success. You can lose inches, and start to get healthier on the inside, yet the pounds may not be dripping away at the rate we’d like.

I’m pleased with my first-week results.

Weight: down five pounds. Woo-hoo! Actually I could say six. You know how the digital number flashes back and forth? I’ll go with five. I’m shooting for twenty during the 30 days. It might be ambitious, but I did it last time two years ago. On track so far. I started at 229 which is almost as high as I’ve ever been. And I intend to go lower after the 30 days since this isn’t a one-and-done deal. A few years ago I was right around 200 and pretty ripped if I do say so. Of course I’m delusional about lots of things.

Inches: down 3.5 around the middle. Not bad. Still quite a ways to go. I can tell my jeans are fitting better. Meaning I don’t have to struggle as much to button them. It is a gratifying feeling when you notice your excess getting smaller. I just hated the feeling of the belly roll, and it is motivating to know that it’s diminishing every day.

Energy: I’ve always operated with a high energy level. But in the past week it’s gone to a higher level. I’m popping out of bed at 4:20-4:30, going to the gym, and maintaining the quick pace throughout the day. If I feel a lull setting in, I’ll mix some Fizz Stick into water and that gives a boost.

Focus and Clarity: I like to think that I’m sharp at all times, but I admit that I have a tendency to get distracted at times. Well, a lot. It’s a weakness I’ve always had. To tackle that I work more on focusing on specific tasks for set amounts of time. Again, this past week I feel like I’m seeing things through a different lense. Part of it is attributable to some of the strategy I have in place to focus more, and that I have multiple projects I’m extremely excited about. But I also know part of it is due to the program. And not having alcohol.

Aches and Pain: Luckily I don’t have a lot of these. Oh sure, the typical creaking and stiffness when getting out of bed. I do have a couple of knees with no cartilage (old football injuries) but they only act up on occasion if I play 36 holes of golf and turn on the left one too much. The main issue today is regular shoulder joint soreness when I do certain exercises with weights. A trainer told me this is from weight training over the past 10 years and sleeping with my arm up and under the pillow. I have noticed even this hasn’t been as bad at the gym this week. My health coach says it could be because of all the water I’m drinking. Water is a natural lubricant and we should be drinking half our body weight number in ounces every day. I’m making it a point to do that.

What’s cool about starting to see results–even if they are small–is that we have evidence of a return on our investment. When that little devil of temptation to cheat, or even give up starts whispering, it gets easier every day to ignore him. You tell yourself that you are too far into it to screw it up now. And, of course, moving forward is the right thing to do.

I’m not writing all of this because I enjoy talking about me. It’s actually pretty foreign to me, since it’s not something I did much of in my 30+ years of writing newsletters, blogs, articles, etc. My hope is that this inspires at least one more person to get off the couch, and finally take those steps to get healthy again. If you’re that person still on the couch, it’s never too late to start. “One of these days” might turn into “too late.” Do it now. You can.

On to Week Two!


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