Day Two – A Heavy Heart; Cancer Sucks

I’m entering Day Two with a heavy heart. But more motivated than ever to get as healthy as I’ve ever been.

Today’s post wasn’t originally part of the plan. Then again, cancer is not part of anyone’s plan.

Cancer sucks.

Everyone’s life has been touched by it in some way, or likely will be. (Studies show that up to 9 of 10 cases are due to lifestyle and environment. We’ll deal with that another time.)

Today is the funeral of one of my best friends, Randy Naran. The clock finally ran out after a courageous triple-overtime battle, in which he was a huge underdog. (He was a championship quarterback in college).

My life is better for having had him in it. I will continue to be inspired by him, both by the memories of our great times, and especially by the way he took on what life dealt him. He handled his multiple brain surgeries and other invasive procedures with the routineness of a healthy person getting their teeth cleaned. No big deal. Next. Any time I am tempted to coast a bit, be negative, or let little things bother me, I will think of him.

I’m sure you’re once again striping your driver down the middle of the fairways of heaven. Love ya Brother.

Art Sobczak

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