Day One – What I’m Doing

It’s the first day and I think I’ve lost five pounds already!

Well, maybe not, but it’s coming.

As I begin the journey, for those who aren’t familiar, today I’ll give a brief summary of what I’m doing. Future posts won’t be this long. Thankfully, right?

What is the “30 Days to Healthy Living” Program?

This is a lifestyle program that guides people in what to eat, and avoid in order to get healthy (including bringing cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control in my case) and as a result, lose weight, lose inches, look better, feel better, and sleep better.

I’ve done it before, lost 20 pounds and lots of inches, and can say it flat out works.

It is based on eating clean, nutritious foods and supplements so we can rid our body of harmful toxins that cause problems and diseases—and fat—while introducing foods that build and fuel our body.

It’s not a diet—because those don’t work—but a healthy way of eating that can and should last a lifetime. There are things we eliminate during the 30 day period, some of which can be reintroduced after the program: dairy, gluten, soy, coffee, alcohol, potatoes, anything processed, non-clean proteins and a few more.

Surprising to some, what we can eat on the program is varied, delicious, and healthy. Cage free eggs, free range turkey and chicken, grass fed beef, organic butter (yes, butter!), extra virgin olive oil, wild-caught fish like salmon and others, almond butter, almond milk (unsweetened vanilla Silk brand is awesome in smoothies), brown rice, non starch vegetables and more.

We did a Costco run over the weekend to stock up, and they have an amazing selection of organic and clean food items. Here’s just a sample of our haul.

I’m a cook, and have been cooking mostly clean for some time, and can tell you there are thousands of good-for-you meal combinations available to you. And, forget about the old myth about eating rabbit food and twigs that have no taste; REAL food actually tastes better, and obviously is better for you, than so much of the crap—that’s not even food– that people put into their body, which is slowly killing them.

For example, today for breakfast I had three eggs, and apple slices with some almond butter. Mid-morning I had a delicious protein shake with the unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and organic cherries. For lunch, I had tuna salad mixed with some veggies and avocado mayo on sprouted grain bread.  My mid-afternoon snack is half an Arbonne protein bar with a dab of almond butter. For dinner, I’m making  grilled wild mahi-mahi, brushed with organic butter and herbs, grilled veggies, and some brown rice.

Also during the day I’m having an Arbonne herbal tea, and in the afternoon I also mix a Fizz Stick with water for a vitamin-filled energy drink. In addition I manage to drink about 110 ounces of water (we should consume half of our body weight—in ounces—of water.) Yes, you do pee more, but with my ADD I don’t mind the breaks.

So there. Sounds awful, right? No, quite easy, and tasty actually. I look forward to every meal. And you’re never hungry. Again, contrary to what many people think, eating more of the right things actually gets your metabolism roaring, and burning fat.

The difficult part for me, which is short-lived, is not having coffee. I enjoy one cup in the morning. No big deal… I’m replacing that with tea.

I’ll also miss having a red wine with dinner, but again, that yearning subsides.

My biggest downfall that has really caused me to reacquire the belly and “fat face” as I call it, is beer. I maintain that if I didn’t drink beer, since I work out regularly and eat fairly well,  I’d have a six pack. Instead, too many six packs have contributed to fat, and resulting vital levels that are out of whack. As I mentioned in my “I’m Pissed” post, it was most definitely time to take serious action.

I had quit beer for two weeks prior to Christmas, took a three-day cheat period, and haven’t had one since and won’t until the Phoenix Open golf tournament a day or two after this 30-Day program period ends. But, then, I will practice moderation. “Practice,” I say, because I am not that good at it.  But I will be motivated, since I fully expect to have dropped 20 pounds and fit back into my 34-waist jeans again without a roll over the top, and I will not want to revert back to where I am now.

How Does it Work?

The program itself is all outlined in the “30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond Clean Eating Guide” that participants receive.  The main vehicle for interaction is the private Facebook group, where the health coaches/consultants post daily. Posts include recipes, education, inspiration, coaching, accountability, and more.

The way to get in this program is to place your order for the Arbonne protein powder, fiber, fizz sticks, 7-day cleanse, Digestion Plus probiotics, Greens Balance, and Detox Tea.  These are all great products I’ve been using for a few years (actually I use quite a few more Arbonne products.) A 30-day supply is at the discounted price of $275. And actually, these will likely replace some or many of the things you won’t be buying this month.

Is it Too Late to Start?

It’s too late to start when you’re in the ground. Otherwise any time is a good time. The sooner the better of course. Why would you wait? New sessions start the first and third Monday’s of each month.  I just happened to start on the second day of the year because it coincided with my “enough is enough” point. See how you can get started.

Let’s Get This Out of the Way

Yes, Arbonne is a direct sales company. Also known as network marketing, or MLM. If you’re like me, at one time you have or had a negative view of those types of companies, probably based on your unsavory experience (or someone’s you know). And perhaps deservedly so. There are lots of companies that were scam operations and are no longer in business, and unfortunately a few that give this “industry” a bad name.

However, after I studied it intensely, I realized that direct sales companies are pretty much the perfect business model, especially for the distributors, and customers.  Instead of like traditional consumer products companies that have multiple layers in a supply chain taking their piece (distributor, wholesaler, retailer, advertising vendors), a direct sales company pays their sales channel, which sells directly to us, the consumer. The savings are invested in much better—and healthier– products with a higher value for the price.

Great direct sales companies, like Arbonne (they’ve been around since 1975)  put their emphasis on their products and results, not on recruiting people and getting them on some mandatory auto-ship program to extract cash. Certainly, people who are interested in recommending the products as a business can make a nice side income, or a more-than-substantial living with their recurring revenue. But again, this 30-Days to Healthy Living program is based on awesome products as part of it, not to badger people to sell the products. (IF you are looking and possibly intrigued by the business potential, let me know. After my research, my eyes were opened, and I have decided to add it to my portfolio and will be building a team that I’ll be working personally with.)

Ok, enough for now. I have this sales training company to run. And I have to, umm, get up for a minute. (Almost TMI).

Lots more to come! Here’s to your health and wealth.








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