45 Reasons to Get Healthy. Now.

December 29, 2016

For many things in life we know what we should and shouldn’t do: Exercise. Eat healthy. Don’t smoke. Drink in moderation. Be nice to others. Don’t spend more than you make. Don’t do stupid stuff (that list is long).

Yet, we all ignore some, if not many of them. The reasons are many and varied.

In sales, it amazes me how so many salespeople don’t simply implement the basics and training they have received in order to enjoy more success. The consequences there are people not reaching their potential and levels of income and success that are within their reach. The levels of mediocrity there are tolerable for many people, so the status quo is destined to continue indefinitely. (Unless they get fired.)

However, the consequences of not being healthy will kill you. Some more quickly than others.  (And that state is permanent.) Several of those are what motivated me to go all-in, follow the 30 Days to Healthy Living starting January 2, and then stay with it, unlike before.

As I well know from being in the training business for over 30 years and personally working with tens of thousands of sales pros (and raising two kids!) I can’t motivate you, managers can’t motivate you, and reading or watching something can’t motivate you.

Only YOU can motivate you.

Only YOU can motivate you.

Sure, all of those people and things can provide a spark to get you going, but ultimately you make the choice, and then act on it. You must have a strong enough “why.”

If you at all feel that you need to do something about your diet, your weight, your appearance, the way you feel every day, any of your health concerns, and how long you will get to enjoy being on this earth (and how long those you care about will enjoy you), why would you wait any longer to do something about it?

What better time than now to get going? (Actually, any time is good, but of course the beginning of the year is a popular one).

If you need some help or inspiration with your WHY, here is a great article that gives you 45 awesome reasons to get healthy right now. They affect your life in sales, and your life in general.

Hopefully several will resonate with you and turn that spark into a flame and get you to take action. Now. Let’s do this!

Art Sobczak

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Art Sobczak

For over 33 years Art has helped sales pros worldwide with the what-to-say messaging, and inspiration to succeed in sales. Now he is adding the third essential side of the Sales Professional Success Triangle to the mix: health. Sign up to get his regular health posts here, and his sales tips at http://SmartCalling.com.

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