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Finally, a Way to Get EVERYDAY Healthy and Lose Weight,
Without Fad Diets or Exhausting Workout Programs –Guaranteed

See How I Lost 12 Pounds and 5 ½ inches of belly in 30 days, KEPT it Off, AND Then Lost MORE


You are invited to a session that could change your life. In this fast-moving session, join me, and Pamela Black, Certified Holistic Health Coach, as we share what I did, and what you can do, to get “everyday healthy.”

In this potentially life-changing session you will learn,
  • The truth-en about gluten–many people think they’re doing the right thing but they’re not
  • How most people are abusing the largest organ of their body and damaging their health (And it’s not from what you put in your mouth)
  • Yes, you CAN–and should eat butter! Hear the real scoop… or spread 😉
  • Why you could exercise yourself to exhaustion( many people do), and STILL be fat and unhealthy
  • The “fake (old) news about what many people drink every day–and feed to their kids–which they believe is healthy, but is actually damaging to bones and overall health
  • Exactly what you can and should do to get healthy, lose weight and inches, look better, and feel better. AND have it last the rest of your life.  Plus much more!

Oh, and I’m really going to be vulnerable on this program as I’m going to show you my actual Before (gross!) and After (better) photos from after my 30 days. (Don’t worry, I’ll alert you in advance if you’d rather not be subjected to this. Ha ha)